1. Critical view on trends in hydrotherapy research    - Dhananjay A. *                  
  2. Physiological effects of two meditative states described in Yoga textRaghavendra Bhat.                        

  3. Effect of Yogic  practices on physical and biochemical parameters in obese subjectS. Dhananjai           

  4. Yoga for children: an overviewTikhe Sham Ganpat *          

  5. Digital Meridian tool for Yoga researchMeenakshy KB      

  6. Effect of left nostril breathing in hypertensive Naik Anshuman

  7. Effect of Pranayama on pulmonary function test Suman Rai 

  8. Six month trial Yoga Nidra in menstrual disorder patients: effect on anxiety and depressive symptom - Khushbu Rani*    

  9. Impact of long term meditation practice on sleep: A matched controlled trial Suhas Vinchurkar * 

    Due to some unavoidable reasons the author was not able to attend the Symposium