Oral / Poster Presentations

  1. Yoga – a helping hand for diabetes prevention -   Sneha Borkar                  
  2. Healthy Yoga Lifestyle for promotion of Holistic Health and Prevention of disease Vikas Kapoor                        

  3. Yogabhyas: The ultimate solution for mental peace - Ashwini Shirke           

  4. Suryanamaskar: A Critical review - Sarika Krishnarao Alone      

  5. Role of Yoga as a supportive measure in asthma - Kanchan Ambhore      

  6. A systematic review: role of yoga to maintain health - Rachana Aware

  7. Benefits of Bhramari Pranayama on Hypothyroidism - Chaitanya Ramesh Baraskar

  8. Role of Bhujangasana as a supportive measure in stress - Ravindra Motiram Bore

  9. Effect of Kunjalkriya Yoga to control harmful effects of Dushivisha (i.e. Acute Food Poisoning) - Amol S. Chafale

  10. Effect of yoga in obesity - Shradha Ghanghav
  11. Effects of Yoga and Ayurveda to control the life style disorders - Khushal K. Nikode
  12. The effect of yoga therapy on obesity in women - Thirumaleshwara Prasada H
  13. Effect of Papaya leaf juice on platelet counts in febrile patients with thrombocytopenia – a case series - Shyamsunder J Raithatha
  14. Exploration of role of pranayam on blood pressure - Rohan S. Rathod
  15. Role of yoga in Ploy Cystic Ovarian Syndrome - Pranita K. Shinde
  16. Role of Dhanurasana as a supportive measure in Diabetic management - Anandkumar Rameshrao Waghmare
  17. Role of Yogasanas on Cervical Spondylosis - Shraddha V. Wake
  18. Impact of Yogasana in Infertility - Pravin Wakte
  19. Evaluation of PFT Parameters in Yogis & control group - Vandana Ravindra Wankhede